Vehicle Maintenance Services to Consider this Spring

Vehicle Maintenance Services to Consider this Spring

Spring is (almost) here and with it comes longer days, higher temperatures and unpredictable rain storms. Hopefully the harsh winter weather is over until after Halloween, but has it taken a toll on your vehicle? Consider these five maintenance services to keep your family safe in the changing Kansas weather.

Alignment. If your vehicle is pulling to one side or another, your tires may be out of alignment. All four tires should hit the road at precisely the same direction and angle for optimum performance. Pay attention for signs that your vehicle is veering off to one side. If so, come by Myers Automotive for an alignment inspection.

Tires. Winter roads, spring potholes, and rising temperatures can affect your vehicle’s tires. First check tire pressure – a change in temperature can affect your tire pressure, so test to make sure the tires are filled to the optimum level. Use the penny test to check for tire tread – if you can see Lincoln’s head when inserting the coin into your tread, you need new tires! Also check for uneven wear and stop by our shop for a tire rotation to get the most out of your tires.

Brakes. After a season of snow and ice, make sure your brakes haven’t been pushed to their limits. A brake inspection will make sure that the brake lines, brake fluid, brake pads and rotors are all working together optimally and free from water and ice damage during the winter months.

Oil Change. Spring means more opportunities for exploring and road trips! But it also means it’s time for a full-service oil change. Oil is the lifeblood of your engine, so keeping up on this service is important.

Hoses and Belts. Cold weather can be especially tough on the rubber, plastic, and fragile parts that keep your vehicle moving. Checking hoses and belts for any cracks, tears, and damage can mean the difference between a small replacement and large engine damage. Follow your maintenance schedule and have our ASE-Certified technicians inspect your vehicle regularly.

To make sure your vehicle is ready for any adventure that might come its way this spring, stop by Myers Automotive for an inspection.