Check Your Headlights

Check Your Headlights

During the winter months here in Kansas, the days are short and snowstorms aren’t uncommon. As such, visibility is a constant issue for Sunflower State drivers at this time of year and your headlights become more important than ever.

While checking your vehicle’s headlights may not be at or even near the top of your list of maintenance priorities while you’re dealing with the elements this winter, there are some things you can look out for to ensure you’re better able to see the road between now and the changeover of daylight savings.

A major threat to your headlights’ health is a process known as “oxidation”. Simply by being exposed to daylight and fresh air, lights will begin to cloud over and appear more yellowish. This process can be expedited by the chemicals spread on our roads to combat ice as well as damage from hail, rocks, water vapor, etc.

Most of the time, the oxidation process is gradual, meaning you won’t realize your lights are becoming weaker until they’re foggy and cloudy, limiting your ability to clearly see oncoming traffic or road hazards. The other lights in your vehicle (brake, turn signal, etc.) can also suffer from oxidation over time.

Luckily, remedying cloudy headlights is a relatively simple procedure. If you, or a mechanic, remove the portion of your lens that is affected by oxidation and perform a thorough polishing of the area, you can reduce the level of visual impediment your headlights are suffering from. Certain specialty products can make this task both easier and more effective.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your vehicle’s headlights or any of its other components, be sure to get in touch with our ASE-certified technicians by clicking HERE.