5 Common Auto Repairs to Lookout For

5 Common Auto Repairs to Lookout For

Car trouble is not something anyone looks forward to, and it can often happen to anyone unexpectedly. While proper maintenance can help keep your vehicle healthy, the reality is that you will have to repair a couple of things along the way.

Not only does auto repair help to keep your car healthy, but it also maintains the value of your vehicle. According to Auto Trader, a used car with an auto service history is more than 20% more valuable than one with regular maintenance. When servicing your vehicle, there are a couple of problems to look out for, including:

1. Battery Replacement

An older or rusty car battery can cause problems for your vehicle, especially during ignition. So you should maintain your car battery or buy a new one altogether to prevent yourself from running into issues when starting your vehicle.

2. Coolant Addition

Coolant is very important in cooling running components such as your engine. You should add coolant to your vehicle after about 30,000 miles, but you can consult a vehicle repair technician to see if you need to do this before. If you don’t add new coolant to your vehicle, it will start to overheat, so it’s important to get ahead of this problem.

3. Oil Change

All vehicles need constant oil changes to boost their performance and lifespan. So it is no surprise that this is the most common vehicle repair service. You can consult your mechanic if you don’t know when to perform an oil change for your vehicle.

4. Spark Plug Replacement

Spark plugs wear out, meaning they should be replaced after some time. You can replace spark plugs on your own, but since a faulty one can melt your catalytic converter, you should take the vehicle to a certified auto repair shop for a replacement.

5. Wheel Balancing

Having your tires balanced helps prevent the need for tire replacement prior to the mileage rating due date. A certified and experienced auto repair shop can help you decide when to undertake wheel balancing for your vehicle.

As a car owner, you’ll need auto repair services from time to time. So it’s important that you establish a solid working relationship with a reputable auto repair shop so you can rest assured of any car problems.