What is a Vehicle Inspection?

A vehicle inspection is a process where you’re required to take your vehicle for regular inspection. A regular inspection ensures your vehicle is safe, roadworthy, and has a low-emission rate. Some areas require car inspections every year, while others prefer it before the sale of a vehicle. It will help you understand your state’s inspection laws to ensure you are up-to-date. Below is a list of things that are checked during this car inspection.


Tires wear out as time passes, and it’s important to do regular check-ups on them to search for any inconveniences. During car inspection, tires are usually checked at the tread, and if they are worn out, you can replace them. Some factors that may lead to tires wearing down are dry rot and bursts caused by sharp objects on the road, among others. You should also ensure that you have a spare tire because it’s required during inspection and as you travel too.


Brakes are the crucial parts of a vehicle and are the most fundamental during the inspection. The professional can check to determine if the brake pads are worn out and whether there may be any fluid leakages. If your vehicle brakes are loose or slow to respond, you should have them fixed so you are on the safe side during the inspection.


Driving a car with a cracked windscreen can be challenging because you may lack a clear road view. According to AAA, an old car that has been serviced is 23% better than one that’s not regularly maintained. Windshields are usually assessed during the vehicle inspection process, and it’s up to you to ensure they are in good condition to avoid undesirable events like paying fines to the government.

Steering Alignment

The steering allows you to balance and control the vehicle when driving. It’s important to ensure that the steering alignment is firm and operable. Any circumstance of steering failure is dangerous to you and the car, and you should find professional help once you detect failures. Fixing the steering enables you to pass the vehicle inspection.

Emission Test

Some people tend to have vehicles that emit more harmful gases into the environment, which is risky to human health. Inspections ensure that all vehicles have an environmentally friendly engine that releases less harmful fumes into the environment. The inspection technician compares the fumes against the Environmental Protection Agency standards to ensure they don’t exceed the limits set.

When you follow the safe vehicle protocols, you can make the road a safe space for every driver. Most accidents happen due to unroadworthy vehicles, and it’s best to prevent such events by ensuring your vehicle is well maintained. If you’re looking to get your vehicle inspected, contact Myers Automotive today!