4 Signs Your Car Needs AC Repair

A full-service auto repair shop can manage all your auto repair needs, including AC repair. Keeping your vehicle’s air conditioning in good condition is essential to the overall health of your vehicle. According to YourGreatCar.com, your car’s AC also affects how much fuel your vehicle uses. On average, your auto’s air conditioning uses 10%-20% of your fuel. Here are some signs that you need AC repair.

1. Less Ventilation Pressure

If you notice less air blowing out of your vents than normal, it is time to get your car to the auto shop. There can be many reasons why the air from your vents has changed. Less air can mean several different problems. A quick diagnosis by a certified mechanic will be able to identify the problem.

2. New Noise

If you hear a belt screeching or rattling noise from your AC, it is a sign that your AC system may need repair. A worn belt can keep your AC from working. Typically, a strange or new noise is an indication that something is going wrong. Take your car in and have your AC inspected. The mechanic will be able to identify and solve the problem.

3. A Funny Smell

If a strange smell comes out of your vents when you turn on the AC, there may be a problem. If you smell wires burning or a chemical smell, turn off the AC and take it to the repair shop. Strange smells can indicate problems, from freon leaks to a frozen compressor. To avoid your continuous inhalation of toxic fumes, bring your vehicle to a mechanic immediately.

4. Obvious Leaks

If you notice that your car’s floor is getting wet or there is water on your car mats, it is a sign that your air conditioning system is leaking. The last thing you want is condensation building up to the point where it is pooling on your car’s floor. Take it for an AC inspection to find out the problem. If your AC is blowing warm air on top of the leaks, something is very clearly wrong.

AC system malfunctions in vehicles are common. However, repairing them is not something you can DIY. You must have specialized training and certification in order to properly identify and repair a vehicle’s AC issue. Contact Myers Automotive for a full range of services, including AC repair!