5 Things Every Car Owner Should Know

Owning a car gives you freedom but is also a major responsibility. Your car will require regular maintenance and tune-ups from a mechanic to stay in great shape. Make sure you don’t neglect your vehicle. Below are a few essential things that every car owner should know.

1. It’s Important to Keep an Eye On Engine Oil

Engine oil helps lubricate the moving parts inside your vehicle. You’ll want to monitor oil levels and get oil changes as needed to ensure your car has the oil it needs. According to AAA, vehicles should have oil changes after 3,000 to 5,000 miles of driving. Regular oil changes could help you avoid expensive repairs.

2. You Should Avoid Driving On a Low Tank

It’s best to keep your gas tank full. If you try to run your vehicle on empty, your fuel pump could overheat, which could cause lasting damage. It could even leave you with a clogged fuel filter! Try to fill up your tank as soon as you notice it’s starting to get low.

3. Take Strange Noises Seriously

If you hear unusual sounds, such as squeaking or grinding noises, you should have a mechanic check out your vehicle immediately. Noises often indicate serious problems, including suspension issues or faulty brakes. A professional can figure out what’s causing the noises and resolve the problem before it creates headaches.

4. Don’t Ignore Your Check Engine Light

The lights on your dashboard provide you with crucial information. While you should pay attention to all of these lights, your check engine light is vital. The check engine light turns on when your vehicle’s control module detects a problem with the engine. If you ignore this light, it can compromise your safety and put your car at risk.

5. Read Your Owner’s Manual

Vehicle manuals aren’t always exciting reading, but they’re a valuable resource. Reading through your car’s manual could help you troubleshoot problems in the future. The manual will give you a better understanding of your car’s functions and needs. Taking the time to read the manual will help you take better care of your vehicle.

Car ownership can be easy if you follow these suggestions and take excellent care of your car. Learn to recognize potential problems and get help as it’s needed. Regular maintenance visits with a mechanic will help you keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Contact Myers Automotive if your car needs maintenance and repairs.