6 Facts About the Auto Repair Industry

The auto repair industry is an invaluable part of our economy. These professionals ensure that trucks can transport goods and employees can commute to and from work. To gain some more insight into this vital industry, here are a few facts you should know.

1. The Industry Is Booming

Many people don’t realize that the automotive industry is booming. In fact, according to Gitnux, it’s worth about $880 billion. As mechanics continue learning to work on the latest models, including electric vehicles, this industry will no doubt continue to grow.

2. Auto Repair Requires In-Depth Education

The first school for mechanics opened in 1904. Since then, auto mechanic schools have continued to increase in popularity. Most mechanics seek out higher education to learn everything necessary to work on various types of engines and other parts of cars. Trade schools during high school are also common.

3. The Industry Is Highly Diverse

In the past, many people envisioned auto repair as a male-only occupation. It was often frowned upon when a woman wanted to work on cars. However, over time, more women have entered the industry. You’ll discover more diversity among auto repair professionals than you might expect.

4. Auto Repair Techniques Are Evolving

The auto repair industry is constantly evolving. Gone are the days of tapping on certain car parts to determine what’s wrong. Now, mechanics use the latest diagnostic tools to assess the problem. As vehicles continue to develop, technological advances in the repair industry keep mechanics up to date.

5. Some Auto Repair Professionals Have Specialties

Most mechanics can work on a basic car engine, but some specialize to diversify their experience. Some mechanics may work on small engines, like lawnmowers. Others take additional courses to learn to work on diesel engines. These people may specialize in working on semi trucks or buses, and they often work with large companies to maintain fleets.

6. Auto Repair Professionals Can Help Educate You

Mechanics can do much more than fix your car. They can also take the time to educate you about proper vehicle maintenance. For example, a mechanic may explain the importance of regular oil changes. Becoming more informed about your vehicle helps enable you to take better care of it moving forward.

Now that you know more about the auto repair industry, make sure you have a skilled mechanic on your side. If you need vehicle repairs or maintenance, you can count on Myers Automotive to get the job done right. Contact us today to learn more about our services.