Here’s How a Vehicle Inspection Typically Works

Thorough car inspections are an essential part of vehicle ownership. Getting an inspection before buying a used vehicle ensures you don’t accidentally buy a lemon. Heading in for an inspection before going on a road trip ensures your car will stay on track to your destination. Let’s look at the basics of how an inspection usually works.

Fluid Checks

One of the first things a mechanic will do is pop the hood on our car and check the fluids. The technician will ask about the last time you had maintenance, like an oil change. According to Broadly, the oil-changing industry has grown 5.3% in the past five years because more people understand the importance of preventative maintenance. If you’re not sure of the recommended service intervals for your vehicle, your mechanic can advise you.

Check Tires

A visual inspection of your tires is critical and only takes a few minutes. A mechanic will examine the tires to see how much tread is left. They’ll watch for nails or other things stuck in your tires. Typically, a technician will run their hand over the top of the tire. This step helps them determine if there are any bulges in the tire. A bump or lump indicates the tire is going wrong and must be replaced.

Test Driving

The technician will take your car for a drive. During this drive, they’ll listen for odd noises that indicate something is wrong with the engine. They’ll head to a nearby highway to ensure the car can handle higher speeds and check for problems. Sometimes, you don’t notice issues like a bad tire at low speeds. They’ll also turn the heat and air conditioning on to ensure both systems work correctly.

On the Rack

The mechanic will put your car up on the rack and lift it in the air. This gives them a fantastic view of the underside of the vehicle. This way, they can determine if rusted brake lines will be an issue or other problems. They will also move the tires to determine if the wheel bearings are going bad. The process usually takes a little time, making it a must if you plan on buying a used vehicle.

Standard car inspections involve looking at every aspect of a vehicle to ensure it’s safe. Inspections help guarantee you won’t break down on a family road trip or buy a used car that will cost you thousands of dollars. If you’re in need of an inspection, contact Myers Automotive to schedule an appointment today.