How Tire Alignment Can Effect Tire Longevity

It’s easy for motorists to forget about tire maintenance until they have a flat tire, the tread wears out, or one or more tires suffer damage. It might be possible for a tire repair service to fix a flat tire, but other types of maintenance also are needed. According to Forbes, motorists should rotate the tires and balance the wheels on their vehicles about every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Here’s how tire alignment can affect tire longevity.

Make Tires More Effective

When the wheels are aligned, your vehicle will travel in a straight path and enable the tires to get better traction. When the tires get good traction, they can do their job more effectively. That job is to make it easier to drive safely and get the best possible traction in bad weather. The more effective the tires are while driving, the better your vehicle will handle and perform.

Even Out Tire Wear and Tear

Properly aligned wheels allow the tire treads to wear more evenly among all four tires. When accompanied by regular tire rotation and wheel balancing, the tires can last for their intended service lives instead of enduring uneven wear and tear. When the tires don’t wear evenly, one or more might go bad or suffer damage that requires tire repair. Keeping the wheels aligned helps prevent uneven tread wear.

Lessen the Need for a Tire Repair

When the tires wear evenly and maintain relatively good tread, you greatly reduce the potential need for a tire repair. You still might pick up a nail or another object that punctures a tire, but that kind of damage can be fixed easily and for relatively little money, depending on the location and size of the damage. Reducing the potential need for repairs makes it easier to get the full-service life from a set of tires.

Get a Better Tire Value

The longer your tires last, the better your return on investment. Most tires last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles or more, depending on their type. Some tires are softer and made more for traction, while others might have a harder compound designed to make them last longer. No matter what type of tires you have, keeping the wheels aligned will help them reach their anticipated service lives.

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