4 Common Summer Car Repairs to Keep an Eye Out For

Summer is officially here, and you’ll likely be out driving your car more often. Whether it’s a drive to the beach or a road trip, your vehicle may see more mileage. As a result, there are some issues to watch out for. Here are common summer car issues you may need an auto repair service for.

1. Blowouts

Even if you don’t get a flat tire, you still should be aware of tire pressure as it can cause a car breakdown or poor driving. The hotter temperatures in summer make your tires expand, which can make it easier to blow out. Always keep your tires inflated and regularly inspect them, especially before long drives. Pay attention to cracks, low tread, bulges, and more. If you notice these problems, don’t hesitate to replace your tires and rotate them as needed.

2. Air Conditioning

You’ll likely be using your air conditioning inside your vehicle just as much as your home or business. If you’re spending a lot of time in your car, your vehicle’s air conditioning system may overwork. According to YourGreatCar.com, a car’s air conditioning can use 10 to 20% of its fuel. Have your auto repair service check your system if you notice warm air blowing out instead of cool air.

3. Battery Issues

Your car can’t run if the battery dies. Unfortunately, car batteries are vulnerable during extreme heat. The chemical reactions inside the battery can increase because of exterior heat pressure. As a result, your battery may drain faster, leading to premature failure. Always ensure a secure connection and see if there are signs of corrosion. If there are signs of weakening, replace it before it outright fails, as it may give out at the wrong time.

4. Oil Leaks

Proper oil levels are essential for your car to run at a healthy level. Your engine needs oil for proper lubricant, which is why oil changes are essential. Your oil can break down faster in hot weather, which makes it harder to lubricate engine components. Keep your engine running smoothly by frequently checking these levels and changing old oil out for clean ones. How often you need to change them depends on your car manufacturer’s recommendations.

Your local auto repair service wants you to drive safely this summer. That’s why you should be aware of typical summer repairs to look for. From oil leaks to dead batteries, the summer heat can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Keep your vehicle safe by letting our team at Myers Automotive check it out today.