Distractions to Avoid for Safe Driving

Distractions to Avoid for Safe Driving

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Preventative maintenance is important for keeping your vehicle safely on the road, but just as important is safe driving practices!

Every day, about 100 people die in car crashes, and 90% of all crashes are caused by driver error. Being distracted behind the wheel is dangerous, to yourself, your vehicle, and others. So put down that tube of lipstick and lock up your cell phone.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the top 10 distractions to drivers are:

1. Cell phones – Wireless devices are the number one culprit for distracted driving. Over 25% of all crashes involve cell phone use. From phone calls to texts, smart phones to tablets, these devices are a hazard.
2. Passengers – Talking to or interacting with passengers can pull your focus, especially young children. Ask your passengers to respect your role and help you concentrate on the roads.
3. Internal distractions – Looking for a CD, reaching for food, retrieving a fallen object… there are many things inside your car that take your focus away from the road ahead.
4. Adjusting controls – Reprogramming radio stations, tinkering with dashboard settings, getting the A/C just right… try to set up the accessories and controls inside your vehicle before you head out.
5. Personal Hygiene – If you’re running late, it’s tempting to finish getting ready in the car. But applying make-up, using an electric razor for a last minute shave, and checking your refection in the mirror can be dangerous.
6. Food – Eating at the wheel, from opening a can of soda, unwrapping a burger, fishing for fries in the bag, to bringing the food to your mouth takes at least one hand off the steering wheel.
7. External distractions – From bill boards to pedestrians, you can be just as distracted outside of the car. Save the people watching for when you’re in the passenger seat.
8. Talking – Boredom in the car can lead you to sing along with the radio or talk to yourself. Just don’t become your concentration’s own worst enemy.
9. Smoking – Rolling down windows to fix your nicotine craving can be dangerous, by occupying one hand from lighting the cigarette to tossing the butt.
10. Daydreaming – Not paying attention to the roads ahead is risky. It takes only two seconds of distraction for an accident to occur.

All of us at Myers Automotive are committed to your safety on the roads in Kansas. Avoid multitasking behind the wheel and put away all distractions before you hit the road to ensure safe driving.

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