Benefits of Changing Your Oil Regularly

Benefits of Changing Your Oil Regularly

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You’ve probably heard your mechanic say that you need to change your engine oil more frequently. This is not something the mechanic throws your way to make you spend more money on your car. Changing your oil is a  great investment and an excellent way to show love to your machine.

According to car inspection experts, you should change your engine oil every 4,000-5,000 miles covered. This may look like too much to ask, but it will impact your car positively and improve how it serves you. Here are three main reasons why you should change your engine oil regularly.

Improve Your Engine’s Performance

Oil works as a lubricant in your engine and allows the parts to work well. When your engine has clean oil, the parts will work together without excessive friction. The oil also can prevent your engine from overheating.

As you cruise the roads, your engine gathers dust and other debris. Changing the oil helps to remove the dirt and reduces the chances of your car to breakdown. It also allows you to pass your car inspection because it proves that your car is roadworthy. Your car will also pick up speed better with clean engine oil. An oil change helps your car to combust fuel more efficiently, giving you a better performing machine.

Improved Gas Mileage

Ever noticed how much less gas you use in your car when you change the engine oil? There’s a direct relationship between the quality of engine oil in your car and your gas mileage. The engine is the main player in gas combustion when you drive your car. If your engine is clean and is working correctly, it will consume gas more efficiently. This means that you’ll end up using less gas and save more money.

However, if your engine is overdue for an oil change, it will affect your engine’s overall performance on the road. The engine then draws more gas for combustion, causing you to refill your tank more often.

Extend Your Engine’s Life

The better service you give your engine, the more service it’ll give you. One of the best ways of taking care of your engine is changing the oil regularly. This helps to keep your engine at optimal performance and creates a longer car life.

Regularly changing your oil is so important if you want your car to have proper lubrication resulting in less heat used by your engine. Do you and your car a favor and keep up with maintenance. When you give your car the proper care it needs you’ll give your engine more life, make it perform better, and reduce your gas mileage. If your car needs an oil change, contact us today to schedule an appointment!