4 Tips for Extending Your Tire Life

Putting new tires on your car is costly, and nobody wants to fork over that bill unless they have to. However, with regular maintenance, you can avoid tire repair and extend the life of your tires. Here are four easy tips to ensure your tires can go the distance.

1. Keep an Eye on Tire Pressure

Check your tire pressure monthly to ensure it’s at the recommended level. When tires get too cold or too hot, pressure changes. Too much or too little pressure can make a car hard to handle, increase stopping distance, cause more wear and tear, or put you at risk for a blowout. Having the correct tire pressure can also improve your car’s fuel efficiency.

2. Rotate Your Tires

All four tires don’t wear evenly. If your car is a front-wheel drive, the front tires wear faster. The back tires are the first to wear out if you have rear-wheel drive. When you get your tires rotated, a mechanic moves the tires to different positions so they will wear more evenly. Consumer Reports recommends that tires should be rotated every 5,000 to 8,000 miles.

3. Check Your Tire Alignment

To maximize fuel efficiency and tread life, all four tires on your car should be parallel and pointing straight. If tires are misaligned, you may notice:

  • The car regularly drifts right or left
  • The steering wheel shakes

However, if you jump a curb, barrel through a pothole, or bump a parking block, you could jar your tires out of alignment and not experience these indicators. Misalignment can decrease fuel efficiency and wear out your tires faster. To avoid tire repair, have the alignment twice a year.

4. Practice Good Driving Habits

How you drive has the greatest impact on the longevity of your tires. Aggressive driving, like pressing the gas or stomping the brake, can wear down your tire tread. Most new tires have 10/32 of an inch of tread. When the tread is reduced to 4/32, it’s time to consider buying a new set of tires. Accelerate slowly when speeding up, and when slowing down, coast to reduce speed before braking. Good driving habits can also increase fuel efficiency.

Performing regular maintenance and tire repair can ensure your tires go the maximum distance. Don’t put safety and savings second – get your tires checked today!