3 Questions to Ask Your Auto Technician

Regular maintenance and fixing repairs as soon as possible are essential to keeping your car on the road. Taking these steps also helps guarantee optimal performance, such as fuel efficiency. According to YourGreatCar.com, a car’s AC can use 10 to 20% of its fuel. The last thing you need is more problems that decrease fuel efficiency. Before dropping your car off at an auto repair shop, be sure to ask your technician these three questions.

1. What’s the Cause of the Problem?

Almost every problem requiring auto repair has a root cause. Certain situations can’t be avoided. For example, if your water pump fails, that might not be preventable. Specific components of your engine are bound to go bad as the years pass. Likewise, some problems can be avoided. Car owners who continue to drive their vehicle when it has terrible brakes are likely to warp the rotors, which can be costly to replace. An experienced mechanic will know this and be able to offer advice accordingly.

2. What Are the Repair Options?

Some car repairs only have one option: replacement. This is common when parts such as brakes and water pumps wear out. However, there are alternatives for other problems. In some vehicles, an auto repair technician can bypass the air conditioner pump instead of replacing a faulty one to help you save money. Some quick fixes can help you stop an oil or antifreeze leak from holding you over until you get paid. Always ask if there are other options when you’re working on a budget.

3. What Warranty Do You Offer?

Some auto repair technicians do not offer a warranty. After getting your car home, you could realize that it is not correctly fixed. Without a warranty, you’re stuck finding and paying another mechanic to fix the problem again. However, some repair shops guarantee their work. They insist that if the problem is not fixed correctly the first time, they will fix it for free. These places may be more expensive, but the peace of mind they provide is well worth it.

Working with a reputable mechanic is a must to ensure that your car is efficient, reliable, and safe. An experienced mechanic will be full of tips and tricks and will be happy to stand behind their work. If you need a reliable mechanic for your vehicle, contact Myers Automotive today.