Automotive Maintenance

3 Questions to Ask Your Auto Technician

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Regular maintenance and fixing repairs as soon as possible are essential to keeping your car on the road. Taking these steps also helps guarantee optimal performance, such as fuel efficiency. According to, a car’s AC can use 10 to 20% of its fuel. The last thing you need is more problems that decrease fuel … Read more

What Is a Vehicle Alignment?

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According to Globe News Wire, the car care industry will increase to about $13.7 billion by 2028. Numerous services are available to help keep your vehicle performing at its best, so you remain safe each time you’re behind the wheel. One of the maintenance and service tasks you could need is a vehicle alignment, also … Read more

5 Things Every Car Owner Should Know


Owning a car gives you freedom but is also a major responsibility. Your car will require regular maintenance and tune-ups from a mechanic to stay in great shape. Make sure you don’t neglect your vehicle. Below are a few essential things that every car owner should know. 1. It’s Important to Keep an Eye On … Read more

4 Signs Your Car Needs AC Repair

A full-service auto repair shop can manage all your auto repair needs, including AC repair. Keeping your vehicle’s air conditioning in good condition is essential to the overall health of your vehicle. According to, your car’s AC also affects how much fuel your vehicle uses. On average, your auto’s air conditioning uses 10%-20% of your fuel. … Read more

What’s Included in a Tune-Up?

A mechanic can provide several tune-up services depending on the make and model of your car. This service includes checking and replacing spark plugs, ignition wires, air filters, fuel filters, distributor caps, fuel injection cleaning, and adjusting valves. Read on to find out more about what goes on during a tune-up. 1. Spark Plugs Spark plugs are … Read more

4 Tips for Extending Your Tire Life

Putting new tires on your car is costly, and nobody wants to fork over that bill unless they have to. However, with regular maintenance, you can avoid tire repair and extend the life of your tires. Here are four easy tips to ensure your tires can go the distance. 1. Keep an Eye on Tire … Read more

4 Car Battery Maintenance Tips for The Winter

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Car batteries are in charge of it all, from starting the engine to powering your headlights. In modern vehicles, batteries are also used to power intricate driver-assistance technologies and additional lighting. Your car’s automotive cell is its lifeline. Other than your regular car inspection, it requires care and maintenance, which is even more important during … Read more