Be Car Care Aware About: Air Filters

air filters

Be Car Care Aware About: Air Filters With National Car Care Month taking place in April, it’s as good a time as any to learn more about certain vehicle components, including your air filter! Here are some facts about air filters to consider this month: • Much controversy surrounds how often an air filter should … Read more

When Should Spark Plugs be Replaced?

Spark Plugs

When Should Spark Plugs be Replaced? In order for your gas-powered vehicle to run, it requires proper ignition to start the chain reaction that leads to engine propulsion and the ability to drive. Your ignition system contains several key components, all of which contribute to the process of detonating fuel in order to convert compression … Read more

Check Your Headlights


Check Your Headlights During the winter months here in Kansas, the days are short and snowstorms aren’t uncommon. As such, visibility is a constant issue for Sunflower State drivers at this time of year and your headlights become more important than ever. While checking your vehicle’s headlights may not be at or even near the … Read more

Time for New Tires?


Time for New Tires? Trying to figure out when the right time to change your vehicle’s tires can be tough. You obviously don’t want to wait too long and drive around with a dangerously low amount of tread on your tires but you don’t want to get them changed too early either since it can … Read more

Winter Car Battery Maintenance

battery maintenance

Winter Car Battery Maintenance As we head into the wintertime here in Kansas, you will undoubtedly be contending with a lot of issues as you try and stay warm and safe while faced with a variety of weather-related issues. One of the most common and most frustrating ordeals to contend with during the winter months … Read more

The Importance of Rotating Your Tires

Rotating Your Tires

The Importance of Rotating Your Tires When rotated regularly, tires’ lifespans can be extended by up to 20 percent. Not only will this save you money on replacement tires but rotating your tires also cuts down on your gas money.  For uniform tire wear, it is suggested that a vehicle’s tires are rotated every 6,000 … Read more



Extend the Life of Your Tires Sometimes it can be difficult to determine just how far along your vehicle’s tires are in their lifespan. How does one decide whether they have “worn-in tires” or “you’re-on-borrowed-time tires?” The official recommendation is to replace tires when the tread is worn to a level of 2/32 of an … Read more

Three Fluids to Check This Month


Three Fluids to Check This Month In order to run smoothly, your vehicle’s engine is dependent upon countless moving parts and fluids. Since there are so many components and liquids to keep track of, it’s best to have a proactive maintenance schedule in place which includes everything that can potentially wear out or need to … Read more